What is the best brand of perfume for men

I have heard many brands of perfumes for men like calvin clain tommy and so on What do you think is the best perfume to buy. Any advice is welcome thank you.

Answer #1

Stetson is #1. all my guy cousins and guy friends wear it. the best part is; there’s different types: Black, Untamed (my fav), Fresh, etc. they also have a great aftershave. I’d especially reccomend this for any guy that is into the western scene. so, if you have any friends that live in the country or are into the whole cowboy thing, they should definintely wear Stetson. it has that western scent to it.

Answer #2

the “man’s” perfume is called “cologne”. The two things would be nivea men and axe (but don’t use too much axe, it’s really strong. If you do you’ll smell like a school hallway and, well, like a cheap date)

Answer #3

Old Spice. & it’s called cologne.

Answer #4

Don’t use Axe, unless you’re really cheap. I’d say Usher’s cologne! It smells REALLLY good.

Answer #5

Narciso Rodriguez for men is one of the best brand. And this is not so common as other brand it will create a sense of uniqueness.

Answer #6

abercrombie.. And don’t call them perfume…it belittles your manly-ness

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