What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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34B is good for a 15 year old

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your totally normal. there is no normal size
im 18 and im a 32A
haa but im 4'10 and tiny so it looks right on me
im sure you look okay too !
just try to feel comfortable with yourself

Average bra size

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yeah that's a good size.
I'm 15 and a 38 dd.
and I'm only 4'9.
I have so much back pain.
but it just differs from person to person.

What was/is your bra size when you were 15
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I'm fifteen and I'm a 30 C.
Now, I would say the average size for a fifteen year old would probably be a 36 B.
but every girl IS different.

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I was a 42 d. not very fun I might add, everyone looked at me funny. and personally I think smaller ones are just fine. And you still have a few years of growing too.

Normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?
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not everyone is the same exact size. when I was 15 I was a 32c. but then my size got bigger that year after I had my son. now I am 22 years old and a 40d. I now have 5 kids so I is hard to know what the average size is. but just remember that no 2people are alike everyone has their own differences. good luck.

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im 13 and a 34D. its because I used to be really chubby though & lost a lot of tummy weight && my boobs didnt go away :/ a lot of unwanted attention id rather not have. I envy you

Average Bra size?
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34b. I was an a just a while ago, I don't know it just happened. You're fine.

Whats the average bra size

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honestly to gruuvn I think that you are not nesearly telling the truth.. This is because if you are 13 and have boobs that big something has to be wrong... Also.your theory is wrong about when you were fat you had big boobs then lost all the weight but not the boobs.. Sorry I just dont believe that is true.. Plus.. Your picture looks like you have no boobs or very small ones.. OK.. But back to the question.. Dont worry about it... You are perfectly normal... I have a a 34 B and I am 13... bbut a lot of people I know have very small ones and are like 19 to 20...soo dont worry about it...!! =))

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There is no average for these kinds of things, everyone is different.

what's the average bra size for a 14 year old? about 5'0 and 14.4 yrs old.
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Yeah it kinda sucks though because like most of my friends are a 34 B except me.

What breast cup size is average for 15/16 year old's?
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I'm 13 and 34 b(: I think that your fine

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I'm a 34B and I'm 15. I have no idea what the average is, everyone is different. (:

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mine is a 34D but 2 of my friends are 32A so I think it's normal, I wouldn't worry about it. :)

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I'm 15, & I'm a 34b, & I'm cool w/ it... you should be ok with yourself.

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well I just turned 16 but when I was 15 mine was 32c. x

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I just turned 15 and I'm a 34DDD

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Yes that is normal im fifteen and have 36dd its a lot of a hassle. There is a lot of back pain. Ur very lucky. Mine grew very fast but thats what happens sometimes.

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It does not depend on the age of that particular person. the thing is that it all depend on the size of the breasts. Most of the girls do not get bigger breasts at the age of 15 so, we cannot consider age as factor for wearing and not wearing bras.

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Try 34A it works good at the age of 15.Everyone's body is completely different. It depends on your comfort and need, If your body needs a bra then you start wearing the sports bra.

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Try 34A it works good at the age of 15.Everyone's body is completely different. It depends on your comfort and need, If your body needs a bra then you start wearing the sports bra.

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