What Is The apocalypse ?

I’ve heard its the end of the earth and 3 men ride on horses … Wtf ?

how is it suppost to happen ?

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…and why do so many people call the book of Revelation… RevelationS?

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Thanks =D …

im going to look it up now …

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ohhh … I’ve only heard of the white,red and black one =S

and I have a bible but I dont know where to start =| … lols

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Good answer, kotsunichan! And no need to apologize about the Bible - the whole idea of Apocalypse and the horsemen is from the Bible, so your answer makes very good sense.

Other religions - among them the Old Norse - had ideas about the end of the world (Ragnarok in Norse) but the Apocalypse is from the Bible.

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My question is, why do so many people believe in the “Rapture”? It is a purely man-made idea that has little evidence to support it in the Bible. What little there is could easily be reinterpreted by another individual.

But then, I could ask the same about the trinity. People try to intellectualize the scriptures way too much, and others too little.

The four horsemen are figurative. They’re not literal. Just like Gog and Magog.

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if you don’t have a Bible, you still have Internet. A Google search for ‘apocalypse’ and ‘horsemen’ should do it.

Answer #7

if you read the Bible (sorry, I don’t know your religion and if I offend you I am sorry), go to the book of Revelations which is toward the end. I like that one but it really is scary. Umm I’m not sure how to explain it. First, it’s not 3 horsemen, its 4… the white, red, black, and pale green. The white one spreads disease where ever it goes, the red one is basically war where people kill people, black brings famine, and the pale green is death. People would love to be taken to heaven during the rapture so they would not have to witness these events and trust me, there is more than one that happens. They say that a series of events are supposed to happen before the Apocalypse. Those series of events indicate that the world is coming to an end. I could type them all out but I dont want to lol. As far as how it is supposed to happen, I’m not sure how to explain that but before that happens, several other events happen. Check out the rapture like on wikipedia but your best bet is gonna be read the book of Revelations. Sorry I said too much.

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