What is considered sex?

what is considered “sex” and what do u have to do for it be illegal?

Answer #1

Although this may also depend on the individual, guys usually think they’ve had sex after the bra comes off.

Girls don’t think it’s sex unless the penis actually goes in.

It’s illegal if you’re a minor and if you’re partner is not.

It’s also illegal if you’re being an idiot about it. Sadly, that’s what 80% of the teenagers who visit this website have been guilty of doing.

Answer #2

It’s also illegal if your partner does not agree to having sex or if you force them to have sex.

Sex is defined as talking (ex.: phone sex), petting, touching, rubbing, humping to kissing, licking or penetration. Most people think it’s only penetration but having sex involves mostly of the above.

Answer #3

just wear a condom!

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