What is better pizza , hamburgers or tacos?

And cant decide if tacos, hamburgers or pizza is better what do you think.

Answer #1

TACOS no burritos just taco’s no now I’m craving taco’s thankks

Answer #2

pizza has defanatly got the lead

Answer #3

I would be inclined to say pizza if I hadn’t been eating it all year, burgers can be good as well, but I think I would say taco’s, as I’m craving spicy food at the moment.

Answer #4

I prefer pizza

Answer #5


Answer #6


Answer #7

TACOS!!! all the way

Answer #8


Answer #9


Answer #10

jetsss pizaaa

Answer #11

pizza is now winning lets see if hambugers gets a vote

Answer #12

two vote tacos 1 vote pizza come on people

Answer #13

taco are winning the vote lets see what wins at the end

Answer #14

This was tough, but I’m going to go with pizza xD

Answer #15

piiizza :)

Answer #16

tacos are awsome

Answer #17

tacos I L0O0O0OVE tacos lol

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