What is the best pizza among dominos, pizza hut and papajohns?

What is the best pizza among dominos, pizza hut and papajohns for you, because I watched this ad about dominos saying that is better than pizza hut and papajohns do you think that is true or not.

Answer #1

I just tried the new Domino’s pizza for the first time yesterday and while I think it’s waaay better than it used to be, Papa John’s is still my favorite.

Answer #2

Dominoes is awesome, but not as awesome as Pizza Hut :D

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Answer #4

Your profile says you live in NYC, but that has to be wrong. One of the best things about living here is that the decision between those three terrible, terrible ‘’pizza’’ places never becomes an issue simply because you never have to go there. There’s amazing pizza almost literally on every corner in staggering variety, saving you forever and ever from having to choose between burnt cardboard, greasy cardboard, and soggy cardboard.

NYC has a way of turning everyone into a pizza snob. I was not immune. We were forced to buy Dominoes one night last month because it was all that was open and threw half of it away.

Answer #5

Dominos, now that they have there new recipe its my favorite.

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