What is better dog or cat or gerbal?

I am totally in love with three types of animals gerbals cats and dogs but which is better?Know of any other animals that might be better to get?

Answer #1

hmmm you should srt small ai I would pick a gerbal dog are serious responsibility

Answer #2

IF your A REAL BUSY PERSON a dog might be alittle too much 4 you a dog is like a baby and needs human attention a lot 4 a gerbal throw sum food and water and a ball in there and it will be good lol

Answer #3

All three animals would make great pets, but it depends on the responsibility level you want to commit to. A gerbil would be on the low end of the spectrum. They don’t have very long life spans and are quite inexpensive to provide for and don’t require much more than a decent sized cage and frequent bedding changes. And of course, food and water! But, a gerbil won’t be very affectionate, won’t come when called, won’t cuddle with you or have much of a personality. On the other end of the spectrum is the dog. Puppies, in my opinion are one step down from raising a human child. They need constant supervision, extensive training, often have costly vet bills and live for a very long time. My personal favorite pets are cats.They’re way more low maintenance than dogs and are much more personable than gerbils. They are a bit more work than gerbils and kittens can get into plenty of mischief, but cats are pretty independent. Most teach themselves to use the litter box, so no messy clean ups or 3am walks in the snow. You can teach a cat many of the tricks you can teach a dog with enough patience and treats, and nothing beats a cuddly purring fluffball on your lap. No matter what pet you choose, make sure you are ready for the responsibility and the lifelong commitment to your furry friend. Also, if you decide on a dog or cat, visit your local animal shelter. They are full of great animals that need a forever home. Good luck and best wishes!!

Answer #4

cats theyre great. although they can be snobby at times, especially if the cat is female. the male is more gentle however is quite lazy. from my experiences anyways but dogs are great too they really are mans best friend, I would reccommend medium-big sized dog as they are great when you need to snuggle with someone in the cold hehe

Answer #5

I have no experience with keeping gerbils.

Cats are for lazy people. Feed it regularly, build in a cat-flap, so it can walk in and out by itself. Get a short-haired one so you don’t even have to brush the fur. That’s all your cat needs. But the cats personality is difficult. She’ll be aloof. The cat will annex your house and tolerate you inside as long as you please her..

Dogs are for people who want to take a walk at least twice a day. They drag you out, they want to play with you. They keep you moving. The dogs personality is the opposite of the cat. The dog will be happy to be allowed in your house and do his best to please you.

Dogs have a master, cats have servants. ;-)

Answer #6

The big question is…how much time are you willing to give up to care for a pet? A Gerbil takes little time…a kitty takes just a little more…a dog takes a LOT of time…so ask yourself (and be honest with yourself)…”How much of my personal time am I willing to give to a pet”…and make a decision from that answer.


Answer #7

It depends on what type of person you are and how much time you have to devote to taking care of your pet. A dog needs to be walked and they tend to be more active. You come in the room and they are all over you wanting to play. They need baths and food. A cat can take care of itself with a litter box and cleans its own fur for the most part, just needs to be brushed and fed. They are more quiet, aloof and independent. A gerbil is the least trouble. They spend most of the time in a cage. They don’t live very long.

Answer #8

I have never epearencid with gerbils but I have a hamster. They are easy to take care of and only nedd… A cage food and water A couple of toys

Cats are snottty and want every thing! They and they do, infact make you there servants. The following are what they need

Litterbox Vacinasines and Vet visits Brush-if long hair Maybe a cage Possible flap door Food and water

As you can see they have a couple of more stuff than a gerbil, but dogs need a lot! Her they are

Leash Cage Vacsines and vet vistits Food and water Training pads Walks Maybe Flap door Bowls- that goes for all of them Brushes Training Flea and tick collars or shampoo- for cat too

Thats pretty mutch it

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