What is anyone's experience with a G&C after miscarriage?

Today I had my first OB appointment. I am (was) about 11 weeks along. They had trouble finding a heartbeat, ordered a sonogram and found out that I was carrying two babies without heartbeats. I elected to have a D&C instead of letting it continue naturally and I’m nervous. Has anyone had one of these and what was your experience? It’s been a difficult situation to deal with and the more information I can get I think the more I can come to terms with what is happening.

Answer #1

I meant to say D and C. It means Dilate and cutterage, where they dilate your uterus and go in and scrape out your uterus when you’ve had a miscarriage that didn’t expel itself.

Answer #2

Sorry to be asking, but what does GC stand for?

I do think that my mother might have had one, but just first want to find out the details of what you are speaking of.

Answer #3

Just realized my typo… It’s a D&C, not a G&C.. if that helps my question get answered.

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