What is a sweet homemade Christmas gift for my boyfriend?

I am not sure what to get my boyfriend for christmas, because we haven’t been together for even 2 months yet, so I thought that a homemade gift would be a good idea. Problem is, I’m not sure what to make! Any good ideas? Please and thank you! :)

Answer #1

I have been with my boyfriend since March of last year. I got him two books, but also want to get him something sentimental too. Any ideas???

Answer #2

okay, im in that same situation atm (: im trying to get loads of people to get pictures of me and my boyfriend together for me, so I can make a kind of… collage, of just a kind of scrap book thing of like us two (: I thought it was a good idea tbh, but my friends arent so sure :) but hope it helps xx

Answer #3

if you have any photos of you 2 together, you could make a collage of them and put them in a photo frame.

Answer #4

bake him cookies!!!

Answer #5


what about a cake?

its cheap, very simple and means a lot :)

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