Whats an idea for a christmas gift for my boyfriend?

So, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years now. This is going to be our third christmas. Last year, he got me a ring. a promise ring. I got him some fifty dollar cologne. but, I felt dumb for only buying him that.

(info. bout him) -he wears hollister, american eagle, ect.. -hes a starter on the basketball team. point guard. -he dips(totally gross, I know) -he likes to go mudding, and that stuff. -he recently got a new truck

okay,so now that you know a little bit about him. what should I get him? Im really confused.

I thought about getting him some like, shirts, and cute boxers, but I have no idea.

pleeease help! thanks :)

Answer #1

if that boy likes to go muddin and he just got a new truck…then get him some stuff for it. make him some cute coupons and stuff so if his truck gets dirty you can wash it but sexy. its cheap and cute. plus buy him stuff for the truck.

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