Crazy christmas gift for my boyfriend

Okay, so my boyfriend really wants a tatto of an eagle on his forarm because he loves what they symbolize, his dad, and his grandfather (who he was really close to, who reasontly died) had the same tatto… Anyways, christmas is coming up, and he will be 18 shortly after, how old do you have to be to get a tatto in canada, and would it be totally weird if I got that for him.. Weve looked at pictures and everything, and id like to find a high end place, and suprise him… But weve only been dating for year, and im only 16, like what if something trrible happened, like what if we break up, and it ends really badly, like one of us cheating (not saying either of us ever would) but what iff…

Would that just be tooo much?

Answer #1

I agree this is about him honoring his family and not about you at all so that is not even the question. If he wants a tattoo to honor his Grandfather then that is a sweet gesture, but I think it is a journey best taken by himself, get him something else with the money you would spend. You have to be of legal consenting age in Canada to get a tattoo, that my dear is 18.

Answer #2

Why would that matter? The tattoo symbolises his family, it would be just a nice gesture from you. Although you should check he really wants one, don’t wanna commit him to it.

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