What is a good program for editing photos?

Does anyone know a good online program for editing photos for free? Or a place where I can download one for free? I want to edit some photos so they look really nice

Answer #1

There is Photo Shop but that costs money,especially the newest version,want a simple but free editing program,go with PhotoFiltre,I use it and it’s free and simple to use.

Answer #2

Amm… Good ‘n’ old Photoshop? õ.o

Well, you can also try Paint.NET, that’s 100% free, and I like it…

Answer #3

Picasa search it its definetly free becus I have just downloaded it its amazing, and for it all to be free!

Answer #4

Amazifier is a nice and simple photo editor.

You can’t do professional stuff like Adobe’s PhotoShop with it but its good for 99% of the photo editing I do…

It has some nice photo effects, photo frames, stickers, etc..

The best I like is the magic brushes where you can brush nice stuff on to your photo like snow flakes…

You can get it from their website at http://funadvice.com/r/152vhgskfd3

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