Whats are some good photo editing site?!

HEYA! :) What are some good photo editing sites that let you add words and glitter and stuff to photos? And if I didnt have to download anything that’d be great :)

Answer #1

There`s lots of free software which you could use for all that, gimp is ok, so is paint in the windows os

Answer #2

www.Picnik.com www.Photoflexer.com www.Blingee.com If Yu’d Like a lot Ov Glitter I Suggest Blingee!

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Answer #4


This is a pretty good site :)


Answer #5

I love this one [link removed]

Answer #6

[link removed]

Answer #7


Answer #8

try picnik.com we used it in 5th and 6th grade, but it works!! And im not sure if u have to download it or if its a website but i think piccaso… although I think u have 2 download it.

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