What excuses are useful for coming back home late from gym?

I usually have one hour and a half for gym. But I have some friends that I like hanging out with afterwards, one of them is a girl I like a lot. So one day I went over her house, but I get grounded for coming back late! “/

Answer #1

Just say you went to a friend’s house after school. Cause unless anything happened.. that’s all the girl is, right?

Answer #2

Say you are staying at the gym longer, taking a boxing class or something

Answer #3

say in order to feel like a man you have to look like a man so I’ve decided to work extra time today to go to school tommorow feeling stong and ready to learn

Answer #4

Don’t make any excuses, that will just make things worse. Just tell your parents what happened, they’ll find out sooner or later.

Answer #5

hmm…projects…homeworks…traffic… but why don’t you just say your gonna hang out wid sum fendz ull be home late?

Answer #6

well if your parents are realy strict then I would lie to them and just say you had to go to this class 4 afterskool tutoring

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