What is a good blond joke to offend my sis?

I have a sis and she is a blond. Do you know any good jokes? If so, explain!!! …:)

Answer #1

There is a brunett jumping back in forth from side to side saying 49 49 49… a blond pulls up and say hey what are you doing and the brunett says oh nothing just this new game I’ve envented… the blond say omg can I play. the brunett says sure and moves out the way… the blond starts juming back in forth saying 49 49 49, a truck come up splat the blond is dead… The brunett get back out there and starts jumping back and forth 50 50 50!!!

Answer #2

two blondes were driving to disney land, they look over and saw a sign that said “disney land left” they cried and turned around to go home…

Answer #3

1.How do you kill a blond? you glue a marrer to a bottom of a pool! 2.How do you get a blond on a roof? Tell he the drinks are on the house!! I have tried these all ready…:(

Answer #4

A blond, brunett, and red head are walking up to a cliff, if they jump off and make a wish. It comes true. The bruenett jumped off and said I wanna be a bird, and she turned into one and flew away. The red head said I wanna be an airplain, and she flew away. The blond walked up and tripped on a rock and said crap!!! Then she turned into crap.

Answer #5

A blonde, a brunette, and a red head went camping in the woods. The blonde has to go to the bathroom and she leaves the group to find a tree. The brunette and redhead decide to play a prank on her and so they catch a rabbit and skin it. They take the guts and sneak up behind the blonde and place the rabbit underneath her and run away. A few minutes later, they hear a scream. When the blonde returns, she looks relieved. She said, “Woah, that was a close one! I had to go so bad, that I pooped my guts out! But good thing god gave me fingers to shove them back in!”.

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