I need a good april fools day joke?

I wanna play a joke on one of my teacher. Me and my teacher like basically best friends and we talk about everything so the joke doesnt have to be PG-rated or anything but I need it to be really good.. like I wanna get her good lol anyone have any ideas?

Answer #1

Hide her lesson plans. Give them back to her at the end of the day and say “April Fools”/

Give her a cake and wish her a happy birthday even though it probably isn’t.

Answer #2

well theres always the classic toothpaste in oreo cookies trick, but thats pretty lame lol

tell me what you do! I wanna know :]

Answer #3

hmmm…bring her a latta or coffee drink in an actual foam coffee cup like you buy lattas or cappachinos in (a cold coffee drink would be more realistic) and have something with weight in it (a rock or something and have it stuffed with paper and have actual whipped cream on top to make it look like its a drink and have a straw for her to drink from…and watch her try to take a drink…lol ;)

Answer #4

thats why I said its pretty lame..duhh XD lol

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