What is a creative punishment for lighting things on fire?

I need a creative punishment for my 4 and 5 year old who think its ok to light things on fire!

Answer #1

Put matches out of reach and give them a extra chore call it communty servos Plus rejuse there pocket money to one pound per 2 weeks if they act like babies treet them like one

Answer #2

Hot sauce, lol. tell them that everytime they burn something, you’re going to burn her mouth with hot sauce. hopefully she will relate the two and stop.

Answer #3

Ok, Simply Just Tell them a story about a boy who got burned so badly that he could never get up again. If that dosen’t work just explain how bad it is and then tell them how dangerous it is and how they could not just loose a finger if You know what I mean.

Answer #4

^^^ I think bringing your kids to the fire dep. for a field trip isnt gonna teach them a lesson. I know thats not exactly helping w/ your answer but I think a creative way and a regular way isnt much of a difference. and I would think about making sure things such as matches, lighters, etc are FAR from their grasp

Answer #5

its not very creative but tell them that a boy had bad luck for a year because he mad the fire god unhappy by playing with fire. haha when I was about 7 I liked to play with fire too so my mom made me write 100 “I will not play with fire” sentances. b ut your kids might be to young haha

Answer #6

I agree with 0kai0 at 4 and 5 years old it is definitly your fault for letting them have access to matches or lighters or watever it is they used. Keep things like that well out of there reach and sight and you wont have to punish them.. Xo:)

Answer #7

And what is she using to light things on fire. I think this is your fault for butting flammable objects withing her grasp. Also, You could always burn her favorite belongings =)

Answer #8

throw hot water on ther hands PLAY WITH FIRE you GET BURNED!!! lol I don’t know just a good joke though. :)

That might seem a bit drastic but I would really try to hide all the things that happen to create fire. Keep them well out of reach, you know how kids are they look everywhere for these types of things.

Answer #9

Well you shouldn’t have matches or lighters anywhere that they can reach, first of all. You could try just teaching them about fire and how it can be dangerous. Explain to them that fire can be useful (like for cooking) and also explain how it can be dangerous and get out of control. And I agree with etpkgb1, bringing them to the fire department might be a good idea. :)

Answer #10

You should definately take your child to the nearest fire department. You will get the best advice from the people who know the most about this matter. Also you can teach your child that the firefighters are cool and that they wouldn’t play with fire. The firefighters are professionals and deal with this situation best. You can’t always have an eye on your child but you can do your best to educate them to not do dangerous things. I hope this advice helps.

Answer #11

easy..take a lighter or match and put the flame underneath the palm of there hand but dont put it too close where they can get burned,just enough where the feel heat and relize that its bad…its not harmful either…wont hurt them in any way unless you put it too close

Answer #12

I am a firefighter and I can honestly tell you that this is very common. Your local fire dept should have a special program for children who play with fire. It might sound ridiculous but these programs really exist.

Answer #13

have you ever seen Malcolm in the middle where Louis punishes Francis as a kid, she puts his favourite teddy in the fire before his eyes and states to him ‘fire is dangerous’

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