Teaching children not to grab things off of tables

What is the best why to teach children no to grab things off of tables, mostly glass things?

Answer #1

it really depends on what age you are talking about. is he or she grabbing things and running away with them or just pulling things off the table and dropping them?

Answer #2

I would like to be a pediatrictian. I advice you talk to the child softly or the child will make things worse.

Answer #3

Dear rd2005, Not allowing the child to take the stuff off the table is the key. As the child goes to grab an object you gently grab their hand and say this is not to be touched. Take them over to their area and show them what they are allowed to play with. Make sure you have plenty of toys when visiting so when they go to grab things you can say this is not to be touched and lead them to their toys. It won’t take long before they remember this and soon you will not have to remind them. Sue…good luck

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