What...im depressed and don't know what to do?

I’ve been depressed and have wanted to comit suicide in the past two weeks but don’t anymore but I do find myself continuously thinking about death and how I hate everything and hating myself. I’ve had a really stressfull past few months with family issues…and im not close to my parents and can’t tell them anything…I live in a military community and wanna know what I can do or how I can get help without my parents knowing…I’ve self injured myself as well…any ideas???

Answer #1

You NEED professional help.. get it..

Answer #2

Go find yourself a girlfriend. I know it sounds weird, but my boyfriend has been there, and once I came into his life it totally dissapeared. He loves me and he feels like he has something to live for.

Answer #3

http://www.eliteskills.com/teen_cutting/hotlines.php Go to this site and call one of the numbers. They can help you. I don’t think that a boyfriend or girlfriend will help you. You need counseling or professional help. Best of luck.

Answer #4

Do not do anything such as suicide. Whatever the problem, I am mean whatever, problems are temporary. Suicide is permanent. You should talk to a therapist . You made even need medication. If you cannot get to a therapist try a suicide hotline or call the BOys Club National Hotlien at 1-800-448-3000.

Answer #5

I Had responded to your post a little while ago and wanted to let you know the Boys Club Natioanl Hotline helps both girls and guys. Again that number is 1800-448-3000.

Answer #6

There is a herbal medication called St John of Wart.

I have been taking it. It helps trust me.

You can buy it at the supermarket which means you dont have to see a doctor.

If you can get to a supermarket please consider buying it. It has really helped me.

Be happy

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