What:if you die in your dream your dead in real life?

I SOME time had these dreams where things are chasing me and are trying to kill me and I would wake up before they all most killed me.It doesn't scare me but till I was watching A 1,000 Ways To Die.And this woman had a sleep disorder,she keep having the same nightmare over and over and, she would always wake up before she was killed(in her dream). But one Nite she was killed in her dream and never woke up.Then they said somethhing about if you die in your dream your dead in real life. Is that true?

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Oh I also forgot this part(I just saw the same episode again)I guess her brain went into shock and her body&brain also went into painck.Then the brian started to bleed and she died.So yea sorry.

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No, I mean meaby your brain was just thinking of that while you where sleping... our dreams is what we have in mind when we go to sleep so that is all... you won't die in the real life, so relax...


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No, nightmares are just your brain working while you are asleep (you dream all night, even if you don't remember all of them). When you do something in a dream, like running or flying or falling, you're still in your bed when you wake up, right? So you won't die just because you dreamed it either. The woman on 1,000 Ways To Die must have had something else go wrong with her body while she was asleep, that had nothing to do with the dream. Hope that helps! And I hope you stop having nightmares, good luck! :)

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