What if I cant move my hand??

Yesterday I was at the movies and I was sitting in a funny position I guess and leaning on the arm rest and it was cutting of the circulation in my arm from about my elbow to my hand. And I didnt relize it till the movie was over and my hand was completely numb. And I couldnt move it. I thought it’d go back to normal soon but noo. I woke up this morning and can still barely move it. I cant keep my wrist straight or my fingers.

If I put my hand on a flat surface I cant lift my fingers up like normal. Im hoping it will slowly come back or something and if not I’ll go see a doctor. But until then are there any excercises I can do to get my fingers and wrist working? X.x

Answer #1

Massage your hand with your other hand to try and improve circulation, put it under hot water then turn it cold and repeat that, and try to flex your hand as much as possible when possible.

Answer #2

get one of those stress balls to work out your fingers. Flex it to the right and left and do circular motions.

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