What if called this girl a name at school and now I'm freaked out?

So I really don’t like this girl at school, but I had been talking to my friend about my grandma, who called me a fat whore because she had a disease and she didn’t know who I was, but that’s not the point, anyways, so the girl said “becky” (not her real name), and then I said becky’s a fat whore, on accident, instead of myself! I meant to say I, but I said her, and she was standing there! now I’m afraid she’ll be really mad and start spreading things about me, and I told her a million times what happened, but she won’t talk to me or believe me and she sayd I’m lying! what should I do?!??!

Answer #1

Juss don’t worry bout it. I get called names and stuff at school 2. and if she does spread things and it is like really mean or w.e go to your guiedence office. or princeable. that would prob. settle it. and I agree with wallphone juss be nice and you dont have to explain yourself to anyone. hope I helpped Ü

Answer #2

ok what grade are you in if your in middle school or above dont worried about it I get called a W.H.O.R.E all the time…and im a prechers kid!shell get over it just dont explain yourself to her and be nice to her(I know I have a “becky”in my grade(oh it wouldnt let me spell ho)

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