What happens if I take next choice pill for the second time?

What happens if I take next choice pill for the second time, is it still affective? I took it once before with in the last month, if I take it again tmwr will it still work?

Answer #1

you have to take it 72 hours after unprotected sex

Answer #2

What do you mean by next choice pill? Do you mean the morning after pill?

It works if you take it AS INSTRUCTED within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, taking it a month after having unprotected sex won’t make a difference.

Taking it for the second time in a month won’t make it less effective, but it isn’t the type of thing you should be using as a permanent form of contraception, it contains a huge amount of hormones and will throw your cycle off if you use it too often. Rather use the normal birth control pill or something else like the shot and then get your partner to wear a condom.

Much more effective.

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