What happened during World War I?

Does anyone know anything about world war 2? why did it start and what were the results? ill appreciate any kind of information. it would be great if I could just have a simple summary of what happened. THANKS!!!

Answer #1

Boring. . . History! WW1 and WW2 are both very interesting if you understand better what took place in them you will better understand the current state of the world today.

Answer #2

the assassination of archduke ferdinand started WWI. rnealw got most of the account of WWII right. trust me. im a big history nut, especially with WWI and WWII

Answer #3

airborneleatherneck, that was not WWII, that was the first World war.

Answer #4

Hitler wanted to make a perfect race (of blonde hair, blue eyes) so he made Jews wear yellow stars that said JUDE on them (jew in german) and then he had nazis burn down synagogues and other jewish places. the nazis also built gettos or consentration camps for jews to work in. there were also gas chambers where the nazis made jews undress and then gassed in the chambers. They also killed jews with guns and through starvation. Hitler himself did not kill anyone but him, his wife, and his daughter. Overall 6 million Jews were killed and 5 million other people that hitler thought were different (like homosexuals…)

Answer #5

Actually it started with some asssasination of some dude in Prussia or Austria…Im not sure…SOme guy with last name Ferdinand or somthing…he was at some parade thing and some dude from another country shot him and started the war…Then the whole Jewish killing started to come in the light and it went from there

Answer #6

My Version was meant for fun. . . . It would take to long to give a simple overview of the whole war. . . . there was just to much happening in the world at once. Most of my Version is correct, I think - with a couple of twist for a grin or two.

Answer #7

WW2? It was Started By A Crazy Nut in Germany named Hitler with a bunch of thugs in tow called Nazis who wanted to rule the world with Italy and Japans assistance. . . In the process Hitler wanted to Kill anyone Jewish ( Some believe Hitlers father was a jewish man) and Gypsys and handycapped people just to name a few. Germany captured most of Europe and North Africa and Japan Captured most of asia and they probably would of gotten away with it if Japan had not of Attacked Hawaii. . . This Brought the US in to the conflict which made Italy have second thoughts not wanting to upset their Mobster cousin in the states so they changed sides with a little persuasion From invading American forces. By this time the French didn’t know what side they were on which really made things weird in Northern Africa. To cut things short WE WON. . . . remember that guy Hitler killing the Jewish folk? he killed himself and his girlfriend and dog. . . . when he came to power a really smart German Jewish fellow named Einstein left Germany for the US and told us how to make a really big bomb. . . . After the war in Europe ended we dropped that Bomb on Japan and well basically ended the War. . . Today Japan in one of Americas greatest Allies. . . . . .

Answer #8

dude funadvice person can you take my place in history lol just kidding… but yea funadvice person summed it up fo you good … america pretty gangsta if I say so myself in ww2 I think

Answer #9


Ya know…

Your version of WWII, is kinda like the ‘amblessed’ version of Christianity…

Answer #10

The “Halocaust” happened during World War II. Very interesting and sad subject.

Answer #11

dude you guys are all nuts who cares about wwI and wwII it is a very boring subject

Answer #12

Didn’t you like the national enquirer version?

Answer #13


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