Nuclear War-Will it happen in my lifetime?

Will Nuclear War likely happen in my lifetime? This is one thing I’m very worried about…I have major issues since I found out about this permanent end-of-the-earth solution. What do you think?

Answer #1

there’s no point worrying about things you can’t change. the technology is certainly available, but what can anyone do?

apart from ensuring you never use it, other people choices and decisions are out of your hand…same philosophy can be applied to most aspects in life!

Answer #2

probably not, you have the chance a EMP bomb to hit and and all of computers cell phones,your car will not start. does the something as a H-bomb but nobody dies and no radiation

Answer #3

As far as global problems go, nuclear holocaust is pretty far down on the list. The endgame of nuclear war spells a zero-win for anyone involved (and anyone not involved, for that matter), so no leader, no matter how fanatical, is likely to initiate such a plan.

Some of the issues that are more likely to develop into global concerns: Energy shortages Famine Water shortages Climate change

Any of those are far more likely to plunge the world (or a large portion of it) into war than anything having to do with nukes.

Answer #4

looks like its going that way…the world is not getting any better.

Answer #5

I don’t know, but I ussualy don’t think abuot those kind of things

Answer #6

only god knows

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