What happen if one swallow cum

dear, I want to know that if my wife swallow my cum, then what will be happen to her?
is this good or harmfull or nothing?

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I don't think swallowing cum is harmful. I am bi. I had to swallow cum few times to prove to gf that it is not harmful. I never got sick from it. I felt very smoothness in my throat as it went down. I didn't want to drink anythink after that to keep that smoothness feeling down my throat.

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As long as you are healthy and disease free nothing will happen to her.
It's still controversal but one researcher I read about says that swallowing ejaculate may be an anti-depressant! But I think it's merely that the woman is happy to please her man...

I did read in a Women's Health magazine that swallowing a male's semen makes the female's body more accepting of his sperm and fertilization when having intercourse. But no worries if you're using some form of birth control.

what happen if one swallow cum.
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it is also notable as nutrition :)

Is it healthy to swallow cum?
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nothing really, it just feels really good going down, doesnt taste bad either, but that is not improtant. I havent come across anyproblems so NP to it.

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