Swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy

I want to know if my wife swallow my cum then what will be happen to her.
is this good ,harmfull or nothing.
some one told me that by swallowing this , her chances of pregnancy will be double, is this true?

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Oh Lordy!!!!! I had to laugh when I read this. Nothing will happen, and no your wife won't get pregnant. You can only get pregnant thru intercourse.

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Nothin will happen her mouth isn't connected to anything that has to do with her womb, whoever told you that doesn't know what there talking about.

swallow cum will double chances of pregnancy?
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As long as you are healthy and disease free nothing will happen to her.
It's still controversal but one researcher I read about says that swallowing ejaculate may be an anti-depressant! But I think it's merely that the woman is happy to please her man...

I did read in a Women's Health magazine that swallowing a male's semen makes the female's body more accepting of his sperm and fertilization when having intercourse. But no worries if you're using some form of birth control.

Dirty filthy sex
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Sperm is very rich in protein, and nothing bad will happen to her if she swallows it. It's good for the skin, and good for the body.


is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
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now sometihng that will mess a woman up is anal sex dont ever do that

Does it have sperm that can get you pregnant
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idk if its good for you but it wont hurt

Cum being healthy...
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hahahahaa no

Can cum cause pregnancy?

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