Do any of you swallow your own cum?

ok do any of you swallow your own cum? its supposed to be healthy for you or sumtin like that

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Like the other guy here, I once had a girlfriend who would share my load with me after giving me head. As for health benefits, there are certain nutrients in cum but in order to get any you would have to eat several loads a day every day for quite some time.

Remember though, swallowing cum is a form of unprotected sex so be certain your partner is std free. The myth that there is low or no risk of contracting anything from oral sex is just that... a myth!

Have fun and play safe!

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it doesnt really affect your health, its a matter of whether you want you to do it or not, or if you like to do it or not. I personally think its kinda gross but thats just me you do what you want =)

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It's not healthy in any way. But it's a personal preference. I just wouldn't go round telling everyone about it. There's nothing wrong with it and it's not unhealthy but people might pick on you about it.

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Yeah i swallow my load every now and then when i'm wanking solo. But when i wank with friends we swallow each other or do other stuff with the cum like soggy biscuit or who can shoot the biggest load, so i think its fine dude

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