What foods should you eat to stop craving junk food?

What foods should you eat to stop craving junk food? Besides the oblivous, of course. Give me some additional information. Food sticks to me, and I’m a fan of junk food. Help?

Answer #1

If you’re craving something sweet try an apple with some fat free caramel dip. If you want something crunchy try celery with peanut butter or carrots and some fat free vegetable dip. The key is to eat something “like” what you’re craving. If you’re craving sweets then eat something healthy that is sweet. Have lots of fresh fruits on hand…another good one is strawberries and a little bit of cool whip, grapes with a little cool whip and bananas with chocolate syrup (they make a fat free kind that tastes the same).

Good luck :)

Answer #2

Don’t buy them. Have other options available, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, etc. Drink more water. Be more active Don’t eat at fast food places. Take your lunch to work or school

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Answer #3

Just eat fruits,vegetables and some optional foods like fish,rice and maybe wheat and milk products.

Answer #4

I think you should drink lots of water, in the first place dont buy them choose to eat fruits and veg rather than, chocolates and chips and main is dont eat outside if you dont like to exercise just, go for walks with friends

Answer #5

Im know for like having the weirdest cravings! Im always craving something! Right now I want some spicy fried shrimp!I only crave junk food when I dont eat anything.So maybe you should just eat food period lol I don’t know… I always crave junk food.. right now on my bed I have oatmeal creme pies.. raisin creme pies… white chedder popcorn… doughnuts.. some V8 Splash (thats healthy right lol). I also have noodles and oatmeal but its not in the bed with me lol But hey Ima a college student this is my daily diet lol.. The only time I eat is when a guy takes me out to dinner or brings me some fast food! lol I hope I didnt make you crave these things lol. How bout you still eat your junk food but just balance it out with real food? Or just eat what you want and excersise Some tips: Eat yummy salads that have lots of stuff in them Have yogurt and crackers as little snacks so you dont get hungry (thats when I crave) Never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry Avoid going down the junk food ailes at the grocery store Dont go into gas stations!

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