What foods make you gain weight fast and aren't disgusting?

I'm really skinny and I've tried everything to gain some weight but its just not in my genes to gain weight. BUT since I've started eating A LOT I have gained about 5 pounds in 6 MONTHS!!! (this is way too long to be waitng to gain some weight) I got tired of waiting so I tried gaining muscles instead of fat. then I saw these women's legs that had a lot of muscles (because they ran a lot) and their legs looked discusting. :( I didnt want to look like that so I decided to find out some foods that would make me gain weight.

Please help me!!! if you think you know something but u're really sure, tell me anyway because you never know if that will work!!!

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You shouldn't try to gain weight because you might gain it in the wrong places (stomach, thighs, etc). Just concentrate on being healthy. Drinking milk and talking vitamins will give you the nutrients you need. Protein like chicken and fish work great too.

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Basically McDonalds Dollar menu every day! LoL but u don't need 2 gain weight girl all sizes are beautiful just work wit wut u got.

How can I gain weight fast?

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Starchy foods,like potatoes,rice,and noodles.
also meats will help fatten you up,
along with drinks like soda and milk.

how do I gain weight fast?
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How can I gain weight fast, like 10 pounds?

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