Lonely at home

I live with my sister couse my mom kicked me out.. And were only like four years apart from each other but were really cool with each other.. But lately shes been calling me lazy and shes been ignoring me a lot we used to sit at the table and eat dinner together with her husband but lately shes been acting really weird. She doesnt call me to the table anymore and whenever I show up at the table like ill have to ask to eat with her… And shes always locking me out… I don’t know.. What to do?? I feel so lonely here . Everybody ignores me when im around and whenever I leave the house and come back I get it worse!!!

Answer #1

Why not trying to talk to her about how you feel? That never hurts and then you’ll know what’s wrong and maybe could try to fix it.

Answer #2

I kinda had a turbulent child hood and I stayed with several different of my friends families all away through high school.The key to being a guest at someones house is to tread lightly be helpful and clean, and make it apparent that you are grateful for the place to stay. Most important make sure that you give her and the husband space and time alone.I think the key word is she called you “lazy” be sure your washing your dishes and even theirs and don’t leave any thing of yours laying around.I hope this helps a little and as bleak as your situation and life may be its just a small bump in a long road with better times ahead

Answer #3

Talk to her about it! Offer to help her out!

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