What would happen if I didn't eat iron?

Ok so they say that the smeel of your peroid is cause of iron so if I dont eat any iron I wont have a smell right? Watwould not consumeing any iron do? any body else dislike the new way of asking questions?

Answer #1

Iron has many important functions in the bod. Giving your red blood cells the ability to bind to and transport oxygen is one important one. Those who are iron-deficient may become anemic, which is a condition in which your blood loses its ability to transport oxygen to your body’s cells. Without oxygen, your cells cannot metabolize food, you lose energy, and you find yourself unable to conduct any physical activity.

All this is moot, however, because iron has nothing to do with what is causing the smell in your menstruation. That’s caused by bacteria eating the bead blood and uterine tissue cells. Specifically, it’s caused by the poop of the bacteria eating your blood and tissue, the very same kind of bacteria that make your poop smell bad.

So go ahead and cut out iron from your diet, but you’ll quickly find yourself unable to move AND your periods will still smell, so it’s probably not a great course of action.

Answer #2

u need iron u’ll become anemic if you dont have enough and you’ll become really tired all the time. its really not worth it. also if you become anemic then you might actually stop your period all together.

Answer #3

iron is good for you becuase it can keep you focused. you may get tired if you dont take it. I would take it no matter what. but when you have your period you will have a smell no matter what. just as long as its not like really bad.

Answer #4

You’d die. and what mikeh said.

stop listening to ‘them’

Answer #5

If it were possible to completely remove iron from your diet, you would DIE. Period.

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