What dose it mean when you have a inside lump close to your throat?

Close to my girlfriends throat. Hurts. Bout like the size of a grape or a little bigger then a grape.

Answer #1

all ihave to say is stop suckin dick and go get checked

Answer #2

She should go get that checked out at the doctors… Could be a cyst, tumor, etc.

Answer #3

She could have swollen limphnodes. You have limphnodes behind your ears, on your neck, in your armpits, and by your groin. They dot all have to be swollen at the same time, but she should definately go to the doctor if they’re that big. Swollen limphnodes is a sign of mononucleosis, but do not worry, she could just have some sort of infection. Just be sure she gets that checked. Hope this helped!

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