Does one beer get you drunk?

If I were to drink one beer
Would I get drunk from it?
I've only like shared one with a friend before and I didnt get buzzed really.

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it could. if you haven't eat anything
but not very drunk

ANSWER #2 of 10

most of the times, no.

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ANSWER #3 of 10

one beer will not get you drunk..

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ANSWER #4 of 10

yeah(:hahaha if you cant handlee

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makes me want another!

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ANSWER #6 of 10

if you have any other alcohol in the beer then yes.. but light weights can get drunk really easily.. because of thin blood or something. but only a little buzz, not fully drunk or wasted. hope this helps (:

ANSWER #7 of 10

depends on many factors. how fast you drink it, if you ever drank before, your level of tolerance for alcohol. but for the most part it shouldnt.

ANSWER #8 of 10

No. Even if you chug it down, it is unlikely to get you drunk. Of course drunk is in the mind, so...

ANSWER #9 of 10

One beer will hardly get you drunk. Beer contains between 3.5% and 8% alcohol. Let's assume 5%. So one bottle of 1/2 liter will contain 5 ml of pure alcohol. That's not much.
Then it will disperse in your body. That means in your body liquid (about 90% of your weight, 2 lbs=~1liter). You can calculate your blood alcohol from that.

People who are used to alcohol will need a lot more of it to get drunk. If you hardly ever drink and you are very small and thin, it might make you a little dizzy or a little talkative. Depending on your moods.

the sheep

ANSWER #10 of 10

Well, it depends. I remember times when I could get drunk from 1 beer and it lasted really really long. It depends on type of beer that you drink and level of your tolerance. The lower your tolerance the less you need to get drunk. The more you drink the more tolerant you'll become.

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