What does it mean when you got pimples on pubic area?

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That you don't wash good enough? ;)

Lol jk. I really have no idea.

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If you have previously tried to shave your pubic hair then that could be one reason. Pimples or sores in the pubic area are also symptoms of Genital Herpes. If you recently had unprotected sex, you might want to get it checked.

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It could be, (if you shave), razor bumps, or if your sexually active, an std, or an allergic reaction to somthing, or just plain pimples I guess.

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You can get a pimple on your body ANYWHERE you have hair. Which is basically everywhere!

So don't freak out.

First off, is it one pimple or a cluster off puss filled bumps? A cluster would most likely be herpes.

If you've established that it is indeed one bump by itself you need to secondly look at the appearance of it.

Does it look like a pimple or more like a wart?

If it does look like a wart (a kind of mushroom type head) then it could be genital warts.

If your sure it is not herpes or warts think to yourself when the last time you shaved was.

You could have razor burn (ingrown hair) OUCH! Or it could just simply be a pimple.

Either way if I were you I would go get checked. You never know. Hope this helps!

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As two people already said you can get pimples anywhere.
It's probably no big deal, but if you've recently had unprotected sex you might want to go get checked.

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