pubic hairz

I have like 2 pimple lukin thingz in my pubic hairz. what could that mean?

Answer #1

ingrown hairs probably eww!

Answer #2

It could mean that you have 2 pimples in your pubic area.

Answer #3

I think its fine. If you shave down there that might be why. But go to the docs just in case

Answer #4

Well depending on if you are sexually active it could be some sort of std, or if you might shave in that area it could be some kind of shaving bumps or ingrown hairs. If you are worried about it I would just to your Dr. or nearest clinic just to be sure. If it isn’t irritating you just see if it goes away by itslef but if it doesn’t and its bothering you then don’t be shy to ask the Dr. because that’s what they are there for, I sometimes bring a note and pad just so that I get all of my moneys worth in time.

Yours truly, Dadvice09

Answer #5

Sti/Std, just a pimple, or it could be shaving rash? Go to the doctor if it’s bad… I wouldn’t worry too much though :) hope I helped.

Answer #6

I have had problems with these for years right in the crease where my leg attaches to my body… my doctor said it’s a mix of a couple things. sensitive skin. the rubbing of my leg in that area, ingrown hairs and also might be because of how my pants fit.

my dad gets them on his stomach at his pants line.

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