What does it mean when someone says they are scene?

What does it mean when someone says they are scene?

Answer #1

uhh theyre mega posers! no one that is scene calls themselve scene

Answer #2

Umm, some people are wannabe’s who want to fit in. Not all emo, scene or goth people are looking for attention. It’s the kind of style they are comfortable with. And it is also about the music they listen to so shut up about people who you don’t know.

Answer #3

lol. I know it’s like emo…but what spesific style is it?

Answer #4

um, im kind of scene and no its not wierd so SHUT UP!

Answer #5

Thank you…smelladancerella…you’re the first person to actually answer my question.lol…

Answer #6

I should so learn to better “voice” my questions.

Answer #7

It means they’re a slave to trends.

Answer #8

people who say they are “scene” would maybe fall into the emo category. someone who would consider theselves “scene” or “emo” or even “goth” are just wannabe’s who want nothing more than attention. they feel if they label themselves a certain way, then maybe people would look at them that way. I think thats the biggest load of crap ever. I call it conformity…a “scene” person would look a little emo: eg. hawthorne heights, my chemical romance, scary kids scaring kids, and ESPECIALLY the used

Answer #9

no, it has NOTHING to do with emo scene basically means an “attention seeking style” were teens wear overrated crap, fake diamonds, dinosaurs that say rawr, skinny jeans and childlike tight tops with poofy hair they want people look at the hair and style that they think is “unique and individual” even though every other scene kid dresses the same its an attention seeking style, nothing more

Answer #10

wow, does everyone here think that they are all that? Scene is not for attention, sure some people do it for that reason, but some people do it because THEY CAN! And want to prove that they can be who they want to be, So stop judging.


Answer #11

I know that. im saying that if someone just ups and says “hey, I wanna be a gothic” or “I want to dress all scene” just because they saw someone else like that, then yes, its considered a wannabe trait. but if theyve been a certain way almost their whole life, and thats just the category they just happen to fall into, then so be it. trust me, im 22, and I’ve been through almost every stage there is. I went through the whole goth stage, just because the people I was hanging out with dressed in all black and just acted like they didnt give a f*. so yes, if you’re trying to dress a certain way just cause it looks cool on everyone else, but your personality is a WHOLE lot different, then YES, wannabe all day long.

Answer #12

it means they are cool like fonzy. eeehhh… sorry I really dont know much about it except it being some huge trend that will die and come back like a zombie.

Answer #14


It explains what scene is

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