what does "scene" mean?

what does “scene” mean? (hey that rhymes!!!)

Answer #1

scene is basically an attention seeking style

Answer #2

Scene is a group Like gansters are guy with baggy pants flat hats Scene is like girls with choppy hair on top then thin On the bottom and tend to style it beehive Scene girls were a lot of eyemake Love bows hellokitty zebra print etc…

Answer #3

another way to say emo, some prefer be called scene though and congrats on the rhyme, lol:)

Answer #4

It can be defined as “a style that those who participate in will look back on in 15 years with utter horror and disgust, cursing that they could ever be caught up in such a ridiculous-looking fad.”

See also– The grunge look of the 90s The punk look of the 80s

Remember, kids, if your children are going to look at your photos when you were 16 and wonder what the hell you were thinking, it’s probably a bad idea.

Also, anytime you need to go to a mall for any reason to complete your look, you’ve gone down a bad path. For god’s sake, it’s a mall.

Answer #5

hehe, it is NOT emo.

scene people have poofy teased, colorful, animal print, hair and are very colorful. they dont care what people think of them. and they cant admit they are scene or whatever. then there is something called ‘scene points’ and I m not even going to go into that. but if you ask a scene kid if they are real they will say no, even though some think they are. they are called SCENE kids because they go to a lot of concerts and whatnot, hence the name scene because thats where the SCENE is at. your default is the picure of a stereotypical scene girl. and people try really hard to be scene. scene people are desribed as being beautiful. which most of them are, but a lot of it is photoshop. still…

jeffree star is “queen of the beautifuls” and the queen of all scenes. look him up, p.s., it looks like a girl, but it’s a man. he gay, and a dragqueen, and darn proud of it :P XD and there are scene queens which are famous for being scene. ex. - lexi lush, kiki kannibal, dakota rose, zui suicide, raquel reed, dani gore. etc…

and scene people hate it when you call them emo.

wikipedia has a lot of good stuff talking about scenes, so you could also check there =) there is a whole bunch more involved in scene, I just gave you some basics. =)

Answer #6

Another lame sterotype, overall just posers.

Answer #7

scene emo dosent matter there both sexy

Answer #8

Scene is emo without the sadness. it’s the style but they don’t suffer as much. Emo’s nor Scenes cut. that’s called cutters (who may think they’re emo, but aren’t):)

Answer #9

I sort of get it now but what does sxe and hxe mean?

Answer #10


hope it helps you out hun (:

Answer #11

it’s not another way to say “emo” Wtf?.. its a whole new style first of all Dont cut yourself and second you can’t really be “scene” it just a style, just get a new hair style put colour in it be colourful!! and then get help from friends don’t be shame, people will tease you my first week was a mess got teased 24/7 then like 3 weeks later people was asking for my help soo don’t give up if people diss ya outt :)

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