What does "scene" mean?

What does scene mean?? I mean apparently im scene… Because people tell me that.. But im not sure what it means.. Hahah.. I think its just another word for skater.. But I don’t know. Haha so what does “scene” mean??

Answer #1

“Scene” fashion is a lot like “emo” fashion in that tight shirts and jeans are worn, but with bright, neon colors replacing the standard black. Oversized, multicolored zip-hoodies are often worn, as well as bright colorful jewelry.

Answer #2

scene is kinda like vintage tees with bright colours and stuff, leggings with dresses and teased hair (mostly) X)

anyways. its just a style.

and its super cute! but not cute like preppy cute. but the kind of cute where you can wear whatever and not care what anyone thinks of u

ya know

just cool!

Answer #3

to my understanding “scene” means you look like all the so called “cool” current celebs that you oftern see in heat etc… over hear in the uk, so I guess it kinda means you are oftern seen wearing what is considered fashionable at the moment/ the kinda skinny jeans, flat shoes, big glasses etc…

or at least thats what I think it means

Answer #4

NO scene does not mean skater in any way. It’s a type of look. Like a retro or a different style!

Answer #5



is that a word?

Answer #6

kevinmm is the closest. It’s just a style.

Answer #7

yeah I agree with bubblicous!! scene is just another style!

Answer #8

It’s just a style and a label. It’s associated with bright jeans, teased, multicolored hair, jewelry, blahh. I hate labels. I get people asking me every day why i’m a “scene kid”

Answer #9


hope it helps you outt ;D

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