does it mean anything if you wear a black and white bandana

does it mean anything if you wear a black and white bandana around your head?

Answer #1

No black bandanna’s means Black Mafia young jeezy is in it. go on and type in young jeezy smack and watch the video

Answer #2

no, but if you do wear one like that then you’ll just look stupid.

Answer #3

white and black are GD’s (gangster disciple) there are a lot of those around nashville

Answer #4

yea black on white is a gangs colors it NH they are called KKOD

Answer #5

I don’t think so. I know of the red and blue thing. but black and white I don’t know.

Answer #6

actually, black with white bandanas represent diversity, and in some areas green bandanas represent money,health, and fame, and this goes on and on. However, apparently, you only really have to worry about wearing red and blue bandanas because it represents bloods and crips. But these gangs know who are gang members and not but there are some idiots out there who definitely misrepresent. If that makes sense.

Answer #7

Actually black with white bandanas represent diversity, and other colors such as green (in some areas) represent money, fame, and health. There is so many now, who really knows anymore. However, I’d stay away from blue and red because they represent crips and bloods, a “badass” gang. Most of these members know a real gang member when they see one but there are a few that exaggerate and misrepresent.

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