What does houses for sale with monthly rent mean?

I was looking at apts. and they would say apt. for sale $3,400 monthly pay $14 and these were beautiful apts. located in manhattan what do they mean when they put this?

Answer #1

Taking an educated guess here, I’m sorry if I’m way off the track with my answer.

Maybe the real estate agents are marketing the apartment to investors, it could be a way of telling the investors, if they purchased the property, this apartment could be rented out in the future for $3400 per monthly in rent.


Maybe the $3400 is the monthly repayment if a potential buyer was to purchase the apartment.

Answer #2

you should probably ring up and ask because no person in there right mind (who wants to make money instead of loosing it) would only charge $14 a month in rent renting a nice house can cost upwards of $300 a week nowdays so if it was a REALLY good looking place, monthly rent was probably $3,400 but you really need to ask

Answer #3

Maybe it is the mortgage

Answer #4

it mean rent is 3 grand every month

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