When you are renting a house and you have proof that a wild animal (opposum) is getting in?

The animal has been invading the house for a long time is there anything you can make the landlord do legally? I have a two year old and we have just found out an opposum is coming into our home and we have proof its been going on for a while..im completely freaked out and do no want to be in my house.

Answer #1

If your worried about the saftey of your child yes, let the landlord know about your fears and say you would like to have the area repaired so the animal can’t get in. They legally do have to do something about it cause of saftey issues such as rabies.

Answer #2

If the landlord won’t do anything about it, you could put a board of wood over the area where it’s getting in every night. You could set a trap, or shut your child’s door at night.

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