What does horse shampoo smell like?

oky well I want to grow my hair out and people say horse shapoo grows it faster and I was wondering if it smells bad.

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horse shampoo doesnt help your hair grow longer. No matter what you do your hair will always grow at a constant rate. You can make it seem like it is growing faster by avoiding/taking care of split ends (Because they make your hair shorter.

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They are probably talking about Mane and Tail shampoo...it smells just about the same as human shampoo.


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it has to smell good because I've been around horses and I know dam well that they smell BADDD!!! lmao...

How. Does the Maine and tail(horse shampoo) work?
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it depends on the brand...

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Shapeley's MTG is the only leave in conditioner/detangler that I have used specifically for mane and tail growth on my horses. It isn't a shampoo, but that might be what they were talking about. It smells terrible and I wouldn't use it on my own hair even though it does work well. I love the smell of Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner but I don't think it is meant to promote hair growth. I use it quite a bit and it detangles really well and leaves your hair smelling good for a long time. All of the horse shampoos I have tried smell good, but I don't know of any that promote hair growth.

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