What are good shampoos & conditioners that make your hair smell nice?

Ok so I really want my hair to smell nice for when I go to school and stuff.. So what are some shampoos/conditioners that make your smell nice and it lasts a while?

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suave coconut makes your hair smell sweet all day. and its so cheap!!! :) I was in hawaii and I've gotten many compliments late at night mmm (but only good if you like that smell)

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I agree with Pantene...thats all I use and I constantly get people telling me at work that my hair smells good lol

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herbal essence.!!!

I dont like garnier.
it takes your hair dye out(well I never died my hair but my moms.)
some hair stylist told is this one.

watch if you get hair dye on your clothes put garnier on it and ill will take it off or mostly it all off so if you wanna get rid or your hair dye use garnier.

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the sweet pea shampoo and conditioner from bath and body works is AMAZING.
lasts hours!

Most garnier smells great, but it will only last like 2 hours

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I agree with herbal essences =D

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Herbal essences and pantene

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PANTENE. The smell stays w/ you all day

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