What do you think of the Bible?

Is it the true word inspired by God, is it a good book? Or do you think it can’t be true?

Answer #1

In contrast to believing in the Bible, I believe:

  1. That God is that Creative/Causative Force that exists before the beginning of the universe/time and continues to exist outside of the universe and time.

  2. That “Force” created/caused the spiritual/soul entities to come into being.

  3. The spiritual/soul entities continued the “Creation” with the “Big Bang”. And, through evolution and possibly subtle manipulations, have caused the current state of affairs.

  4. The spirits/souls choose to inhabit the various physical bodies that they have created in order to experience physical reality.

  5. When bodies die the spirit/soul continues to exist and often times reincarnates into another body in order to continue its growth.

  6. The purpose of it all is for the spirits/souls (entities) to gain knowledge and experience and to ultimately rejoin or evolve back into the Oneness of God.

  The Bible is a book of history and guidance for peoples of certain times. The Old Testament was meant for the societies and peoples of ancient times. The New Testament was meant to change much of the Old Testament law and to guide the society and people of two thousand years ago.

The Bible worked during the time periods it was meant to cover. Its guidance protected the people and gave value and purpose to their lives.

The problem is that the Bible was meant for past eras and was successful therein. It, however, did not keep up with the times and technologies during the advancement of mankind.

There may still be some lessons that can be learned from studying the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. But, the lessons must be tempered with the knowledge that exists in the current time period.

Man and his technology has evolved considerably since Biblical times. The Bible has not evolved accordingly. It is therefore the province of man to interpret the whole Bible and attempt to allow its relevant parts to fit into the lifestyles of the current era.

As long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, men are free to follow the teachings of the Bible for themselves. Your rights and beliefs end where mine begin.     

From my chosen path I stray, Yet my God any’er turns away; For I have learned – and understand, That where God is – is where I am!

Answer #2

It is true, and it is applicable to our lives today. God speaks thru it. If you truly seek him, and desire to understand, he can continually show you new and exciting things in the bible. It is never meant to be dull and boring. It is exciting and alive. If you are born again, and full of his spirit. The book is spirit inspired, and the same spirit that inspired it, will teach you what he wants you to know and understand. But, again, you first have to accept Jesus into your heart, then, you have to seek with your whole heart.

God is spirit, and he responds to us, when we are sincere. The bible is not meant to be just a book. If you try to understand it on your own, I don’t think you will get very far. However, thru it, the Holy Spirit can draw you into salvation, if you do not already have it. When you are full of the Holy Ghost, you will find it a very exciting life, and you will love the bible.

Seeking a relationship with God is the key.


Answer #3

Okay I’ll do some research: Leading scientist reject God, less than 10% in 1998

Disbelief in God in physical science was 79.0% . Most of the rest were agnostics.

You know that’s a rather biased “science and god” link. “new survey” it’s from 05’. And 2 to 1 is wrong, sounds made up.

By God I meant creator. Scientist believe a creator is pure mythology.

Answer #4

I think some of it is true but the bible (at least the chumash or old testament) is not to be taken very literally. Some of the laws are figerative instead of literal and you just have to know the difference (or read commentaries). But some of the stuff really does make sense. Like the Hebrews being chosen people may sound stupid but how have we gotten out of so many tough situations?

Answer #5

Well semi1900, I went to a Jewish school my whole life and read the original text in Hebrew, not an english translation. And yes, in Yehoshua, the Hebrews did conquer some of the cities in Ca’anan but the only times they were killed brutally was when a few Hebrews went out and killed them by their own choice, not because G-d told them too. And what religion doesn’t have outlaws?

Answer #6

“ a few Hebrews went out and killed them by their own choice, not because G-d told them too”

See Deutoronomy 20.11, 18 ‘You shall annihilate them - Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites – as Yahweh your God commanded you.’

I can see why they skipped over that one in your school.

Answer #7

Actually Semi1900, These people were warned. They were told that they could leave, live in peace with the Hebrews, or be driven out. Many of them decided the third option and they were driven out by a swarm of bees, not be the Hebrews themselves. And if none of this would have happened, there would be no Jews OR Christians today. Remeber, Jesus was Jewish and he did not start Christianity.

Answer #8

To anyone who has not been sold on the idea that there’s something special and magical about the Bible, it’s obvioulsy just a collection of myths, legends, ancient religious and political writings, poetry, and allegorical fiction. No demons or gods were involved in it’s construction.

Answer #9

The latest survey involved 517 members of the National Academy of Sciences.

When queried about belief in “personal god,” only 7% responded in the affirmative, while 72.2% expressed “personal disbelief”

the lowest rate of belief in a god was found among those in the life sciences fields – only 5.5%.

Answer #10

I believe in the Bible. If it was an easy-option fairy tale as people have argued, then it would be a lot easier! I do feel that sometimes the statement ‘I believe the Bible is true’ really means: ‘I believe that MY understanding of the Bible is true’. There we have to be careful. God is perfect, we are not.

Answer #11

“it’s about time for someone to claim Einstein was a Christian and that Darwin recanted on his deathbed.”

lol, I think Karl Marx and Ghandi also converted to Christianity at the last minute

Answer #12

Well neal, these arguments about the popularity of religion among scientists almost always result in someone claiming Einstein was deeply religious. I through the Darwin thing in for humor.

Answer #13

Disbelief in God in physical science was 79.0% . Most of the rest were agnostics. could you Show us where this it quoted from? you know anyone can type something and say it is fact without showing where the research came from. My quote was from 11 August 2005
Sounds made up? I’m Sure Rice university make up a lot of stuff.

Answer #14

Actually Einstein was not a religious man and His understanding of God fit closer to a wiccan belief than a Christian belief but he Never denied Gods existance to my knowledge at this time. And He was Jewish.

Answer #15

Is it OK to remind you that my husband, ‘the-professional-biological-scientist-who-is-a-committed-Christian-who-I’ve-mentioned-before’ proves that rnealw must have some kind of point?

Answer #16

“No other religion or race has ever done that. And it did not happen by chance. It is a true miracle of G-d having our backs… “

If the Bible’s account of the Hebrew invasion of Canaan is accurate (and we know some parts of it are), then the Jews ruthlessly slaughtered thousands of men, women, and children. The claim is then made that this massacre took place with God’s sanction, simply to clear the land for Jewish settlement. You may be right that the Jews have suffered persecution throughout their history, but they’ve dealt their share of persecution as well. There is nothing special or unique about that.

Answer #17

“They were told that they could leave, live in peace with the Hebrews, or be driven out. Many of them decided the third option and they were driven out by a swarm of bees, not be the Hebrews themselves.”

I don’t know where you’re getting all of this. In Numbers, God specifically commands that the Canaanites be destroyed or driven out, not allowed to remain in peace. And if you read the book of Joshua, the Hebrews clearly conquer most Canaanite cities and kill many of the inhabitants, sometimes brutally. As I said before, there is nothing special about that.

Learn your own religious teachings before lecturing others about suffering.

Answer #18

Yes, it is the truth, wholly inspired, God breathed, oldest and best selling book of all time that was written over a period of 1500 years by many different authors, and it is 4500 years old with no changes, just different ways of saying the exact same thing.

Contrary to other “books” that have been changed 1300 times since the late 1800’s.

A complex computer program has revealed throughout scripture a neat bunch of patterns of say every 50th letter making sentences praising God and I do not remember the statistics of this, but in no way could have been assembled by man.

Give burden of proof otherwise.

Answer #19

oaklandathletics: Most real scientist dismiss God as pure mythology. One’s who disagree I’d refer to as the outliar, who keep their faith through study. No evidence of the Big bang or laws of physics include an “intelligent force” The cause is a matter of quantum physics. Not understanding is where God could come in. Sorry I don’t believe anything in the Bible and that includes the 7 day creation, excuse me while I laugh at that. these were just men making up stories trying to explain what they simply didn’t understand.

Answer #20

Ok, first of all, if what I’m about to say offends someone, I am sorry, but these are my views. I won’t change them. I do not believe in what the bible says. I don’t believe in God, I am not a Christian, nor am I a follower of any other religion. It is debatable that god exists, and if I chose to believe, I would be resting my hopes on an unbalanced seesaw. I don’t want to believe in uncertainty. Those who do believe, I accept that. I won’t tell you not to. But I believe the Bible is based on wishful thinking, nothing more. Britz

Answer #21

Most real scientist dismiss God as pure mythology. Actually the number of Scientist that believe in God are about 2 to one Nebula. . . . You should do some research. . . http://www.livescience.com/strangenews/050811_scientists_god.html

About two-thirds of scientists believe in God, according to a new survey that uncovered stark differences based on the type of research they do.

The study, along with another one released in June, would appear to debunk the oft-held notion that science is incompatible with religion.

Answer #22

nebula: How was the big bang started then? It had to start from something and something must have triggered its occurance. A lot of scientists believe that we need a G-d of some sort or none of this big bang stuff ever could have happened. And, evolutionism and creationism can go hand in hand. The 7 days of creation could have been G-d’s days which could be ages for us. It all could be the same thing and we just don’t know it.
There is no way of proving that G-d or the bible exist but there is also no way of disproving it.

Answer #23

confusedx0gurl says: it is and they have provin it

lol. who are they? None of the Bible has been proven. although a lot of it has been disproven.

nearly everything the Bible is meaningless or nonsense. It’s wrong in every scientific way.

The Bible was written thousands of years ago. they had no proof of “God” that we don’t have now. God is not real.

Answer #24

Nebula: Then how come the Jews (or as the bible says, chosen people) have lived through all of they hardships they have faced. They were persecuted again and again (and you don’t even have to look at the bible for that) and are still alive today? No other religion or race has ever done that. And it did not happen by chance. It is a true miracle of G-d having our backs… PS when I say bible I don’t mean the christian bible, I mean the Chumash (written in Hebrew)

Answer #25

strange news. . . . Fits me to a tee. . . But at least I understand how to give a link for my quotes and referrance materials.

Answer #26

LOL, I just checked out your study, rnealw, and it’s kind of amusing that the story is in the “Strange News” section. hehe

Answer #27

my favorite propaganda is the bible. have you heard of the new german oven? it seats a number of five.

Answer #28

it’s a fairytale to help people get through life.

Answer #29

…it’s about time for someone to claim Einstein was a Christian and that Darwin recanted on his deathbed.

Answer #30

Honestly, I don’t believe in the bible at all.

Answer #31

It is the true, infallible. Word of God - using it seek, and you will (not maybe) find.

Answer #32

Why would anyone want to do something that dumb. . .

Answer #33

Whether or not it’s true isn’t what’s important.

Answer #34

* thats why scientist are atheist.

Well at least 21%. . . . .

Answer #35

jews were killed in the 2nd world war!

Answer #36

The Bible is the Written word of God. . . . Given thru men by prophesy and inspiration.

Answer #37

YEAH!! I believe in it!!

Answer #38

it is and they have provin it

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