What do you think of Britney Spears these days?

just curious what everyone thinks about her troubles with the law, drugs, drinking, and the custody of her kids.

Do you think she brought it on herself for wanting to be a celebrity, thus being in the public eye, or do you think she should be left alone?

Answer #1

It appears she may be bi-polar or suffer from a similar condition in addition to other problems - could very well be on a Anna Nicole course - needs our prayers.

Answer #2

Obvious, she has a LOT of problems - just the other day, paparazzi filming, she steals a lighter from a store and thinks it’s funny (she only makes over $700,000 a month - mostly from royalties).

Answer #3

I think that she needs help in any way possible, her mom needs to be there for her right now, but no she thinks Jamielyn needs her help more. so they need to put her into rehab just like lindsey lohan!!!

Answer #4

her mother forced her into singing because they were just a poor family and they got desperate and know she cant deal with all the attention I think shes having a bit of a mid life crisis but I hope she sorts it out 4 herself and her kids!

Answer #5

I don’t think she knows how to carry herself because she wasn’t taught. I think she was “fed to the lions” so to speak. I blame her mother to begin with. I think she is nasty, a bad mother, and a bad influence on today’s teens. I am sorry but I don’t know what you think it matters. We all know about her instabilities. Why celebrate such a horrid celebrity. Have you seen that clip with this crazy crybaby chick: “leave Brittney alone!” LOL. I really think we need to leave Brittney alone.

Answer #6

I think she brought it upon herself, look at all of the other celebrities that are in the public eye, most of them handle themselves way more appropriately than she does! Sure they have scandals and things like that, but NOBODY does it like Britney, who is in the news everyday now! One isn’t enough, she has to always do something to make a fool of herself… like that lackluster MTV performance! How bad was that? I just hope she gets the mental help she needs and her kids turn out to be decent human beings despite their idiotic parents and being in the public eye!

Answer #7

I think she needs to be left alone casue if she walks to hard it is in the newspaper. if she is getting out of a car and her panties are showing by the next morning it’s in papers. I think in some ways you brougth it on herself. but if that is the life a celebrity live I would not like to be come casue every body knows your life. that what I think .

Answer #8

I think shes messed up big time

but I also think shes going to get over it!

she loves her kids sooo much and soon shes gna realise there more importaint thn drugs & booze

good luck to her :)


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