Should Britney Spears be able to see her kids?

Do you think britney should be able to see her Kids why or why not?

Answer #1

the poor girl cracked under pressure and the farther her mental state went, the more the media exploited it. I know she made some mistakes, and I’m sure I don’t know half of what went on. (I try not to pay attention) what I do know is it is every mothers worst nightmare to have her kids taken away.

Answer #2

That is up to the courts and her ex. I think we all ought to stop paying attention to the media concerning her life. The poor woman can’t do anything without constant supervision and critisizm. I wouldn’t function well under those conditions either.

Answer #3

I thought the same thing to and the paparazzi needs to quit botherin her before itz too late and she do somethin theyll regret

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