Is Britney Spears becoming another Anna Nicole Smith?

okay I got this question from Extra, do you think Britany Spears is becoming another Anna Nicole Smith?

Answer #1

It appears she could very well be on the same path - hope she gets things turned around in time.

Answer #2

hey did you hear that brtt, is changing her life around

Answer #3

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: at last B hasn’t (yet) married an octogenarian, contested his will and dragged his family through a littany of frivolous law suits. I’m just sayin’…at least B has her own money.

Answer #4

Do you think maybe you could focus on your own life? Funny how you said your Britany Spears’s 3rd cousin, like ANYONE in their right mind is going to believe you, honestly… I think maybe you need to find a new hobby.

Answer #5

Yes, pretty sure she is heading that way. Although, ANS was 39 when she died. Britney seems to be heading there faster.

Answer #6


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