What do you think is going on with me and my pregnancy?

Last menstrual period was 31st december, was due on thursday 28th january but never came on, the following tuesday I did a test and it was positive, the following saturday had watery red blood, went to see my doc and they told me that it could be normal and to take another test in a week, this watery red blood progressed in to proper blood similar to a period, the friday after I passed big sticky clots, some being dark red gunge, and some being almost like blood covered flem.. nasty I know.. I had bad pains all friday night and couldn't sleep, the next day was still bleeding and only passing tiny clots, monday I went to docs again and put me in for a scan on wednesday when I'd be 6 weeks and 6 days, no pains since friday and stopped bleeding on monday when I went to the docs.
I went in for my scan today, had an ultrasound and they said it wasn't clear enough so had to have an internal scan which I might add was HORRID.
The nurse said that it looks like I'd miscarried, and the lining of my uterus was very thin, which I had presumed anyway.
I then had to go and see the doctor, he asked for a urine sample to see if the test still said pregnant, which it did.

He pretty much convinced me I'm having an ectopic pregnancy.
He wanted to take bloods but as I'm insanely needle phobic I started to fit whilst he was telling me he needed blood. I went in to shock etc wont go in to it that much but then the nurse said to wait a week, take another test, and if it's positive then I need to go in to have bloods done.
They said I'm either still pregnant but not as far gone as they thought so it wasn't visable on the scan, which I highly doubt or
I'd miscarried and the hormone levels weren't decresed enough yet to give a negative result
Or it's an ectopic

I'm worried as I had chlamydia but got rid of it about 6 months ago and I know this increases the chance of an ectopic

The doctor pretty much convinced me thats what it was...

But surely the nurse would have mentioned or seen something during the internal scan???
And if I had miscarried it would have only happened at the weekend and it's only wednesday so surely they wouldn't be surprised the test was still be positive??? I don't know how long the hcg level takes to decrease to a normal amount?

I'm in no pain, no shoulder tip pain, no bleeding since, I feel like everythings back to normal.. apart from being mentally drained and a bit depressed

But he's convinced it's ectopic..
I'm so fed up of waiting around, I just want to know what's going on.

Next wednesday will do a test, I pray to god it's negative, I'd rather grieve over a miscarriage than go through an ectopic pregnancy and the pain and surgery that follows...
I just got over the shock of being pregnant, then had to get over the shock of miscarrying, and now being told I may be ectopic!! I'm fed up, I'm no wiser to whats going on than I was when I first started bleeding!!

Can anyone shine some light on to the situation?
Anyone had an ectopic? Would I know if I was having an ectopic?
Anyone gone through ANYTHING like this?

I just feel so useless,
couldn't carry a baby, couldn't even miscarry properly aparently...

I may be blowing things out of proportion but I'm so emotional lately just can't think straight

Any advice, or help anything would be greatly appreciated..

Thankyou for taking the time to read this

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listen I wouldnt stress over it right now. I know its hard and the ultrasound technician should have been able to see something with the internal. ( I know they suck and that thing is COLD!) However, until next wednesday, you need to stay as calm and relaxed as possible. Try not to think of it at least for the time being.

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