If I think I'm pregnant, when can I go the doc to see if I am?

Okay so I think I’m about 1-2 weeks pregnant with my best friends baby. I want to know if I am now. This is driving me crazy.

How long does it have to be to go to the doctor to see if I am pregnant?

Answer #1

I would wait a couple more weeks then take a test, and if that comes out postive then go see your doctor…

Answer #2

I’m on birth control… And I can’t get my period…

Answer #3

you cant be pregnant after a week..it takes atleast two weeks to become pregnant which is why they say to take a pregnancy around your missed period so thats when you should go…when you are a couple days passed your miss period.

Answer #4

lol moe…I would say because she probably had unprotected sex..just a guess though :). You definatly should wait until after your first missed period…because oddly enough, a lot of woman may become pregnant and miscarry before their first missed period.

Answer #5

Surprisingly, sometimes they can tell sooner than you think. My mom went to the doctor’s and they found out she was a little over a week pregnant. It might be best to wait until you miss your period.. what makes you think you’re pregnant? =]

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